Guarantee Return
More than 5% return on invesment
Guaranteed minimum 3% return to qualified investors

Ownership Structure
           Ownership of land is governed by the land Code BE 2497 (1994) ,the Cevil and Commercial Code, LandReform for Agriculture Act Be 2518 (1975) and the regulations set forth by the Ministry of the Interior.
           Although Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land in Thailand,there are various legal ways in wich you can structure your affairs so that you can take possession of own land and still comply with existing Thai law : please write for mare details at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Term of Payment
1. A non-refundable booking deposit  in Thai baht equivalent to GBP 5,000  upon signing the Booking Form.
2. 15% of the Purchase Price, less deposit paid, payable upon execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement, Marketing &
    Management Services Agreement and House Maintenance Services Agreement within 15 days from booking date
3. Balance 85% of the Purchase Price payable on completion.

a)  Local bank financing through Krung Thai Bank, Naklua Branch, Pattaya is available.  Please contact us or the Branch
      manager directly for more details.  (

b)  As qualified prospective investors are encouraged to contact us, a property fund company is being formed to purchase a
      large part of the Phase One houses, and its shares will be available to investors.  Most investors will enjoy guarantees of a
      fixed annual dividend and a purchase and lease back option.

Legal Fee
Optional and only incurred if you choose to use a legal advisor.

Maintenance Fees
- Common Property Service and Maintenance Fee (mandatory): Baht ________ per sq.m. of land plot / per month
- Individual Home Care and Maintenance (optional) : Baht___________ per month
- Rent Management (optional / all inclusive):  20% of the gross rent income

Ancillary Cost
* Transfer Fee 2% of perchase price
* Specific Business Tax 3.3% of perchase price
* Income Tax 1% on perchase

Our  Locations

33/9  Moo 1 ,Pong ,Bang-La-Mung ,Chonburi ,20150
(Next to the Regent's International School)
On the high way 36 near Pattaya
Phone : +66(0)81 6232 555
               : +66(0)85 5157 777
E-mail :


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